Anna Fubini

Visual Artist ~ Art Educator

Artist Statement 
Working in fibers and mixed media, I create expressive sculpture, collage, and contemporary craft art through exploration, experimentation, and a combination of processes.  At the core of my work is duality, exploring the dichotomy between contrasting materials, themes, and imagery. By combining elements of expressionism, abstraction, and surrealism, I aim to express the internal thorough representations of the external, find the beauty in the ugly, and distort the mundane to bring out its inherent strangeness. 
I believe I seek out experimentation and materials with uncontrollable natures because I want to learn to work with them rather than fight against them. This approach has helped me apply this same process to life, embrace the ugly and the uncontrollable, and find the innate beauty in it. Deconstructing and reconstruction is an essential part of my thought process and artistic process. I break elements and ideas into their base elements and rebuild them to create something new. Like solving a puzzle, I move pieces to discover how elements want to fit together organically. Using multiple different methods and mediums in one piece, I often experiment by combining contradictory materials or purposefully subverting a technique to see the outcome, letting the naturally occurring forms direct the elements of abstraction in a piece.
I use this abstraction to embody the often overwhelming and complex natures of thoughts emotions and show the messiness, darkness, and humor inherent in them. I ground these more abstract and conceptual elements with reminders of physicality and humanity by incorporating semi-realistic imagery of figures and body parts. I often distort these recognizable images of human anatomy or separate parts of the body from the whole figure representing the connection between the physical and mental.
With my art, I explore topics relating to existentialism, feminism, sexuality, mental health, and themes such as trauma, anxiety, dissociation, and dysmorphia. I draw inspiration from feminist fiber art and the contemporary craft revival movement’s use of long-held craft traditions in new ways to reclaim historically devalued forms of domestic crafts. With my Artwork, I aim to invite the viewer into a place of discomfort that encourages reflection on their own physicality and the emotional processes of their conscious mind. 
 Anna Fubini is a contemporary visual artist and community arts educator from Boston Massachusetts. She received a Bachelor of Science from Skidmore College, double majoring in Gender Studies and Studio Art with a concentration in Fiber Arts and Printmaking. In addition to her studio practice, she works as an educator for the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, The West End Boys and Girls Club of Allston Brighton, and the New Art Center in Newton.  As an educator, she works to design and facilitate accessible art programs with an emphasis on self-expression and creative exploration.