Anna Fubini

Visual Artist ~ Art Educator

I am an experimental Fiber and mixed media Artist creating works of sculptural installation. At the core of my work is the idea of duality and deconstruction both in the processes and themes. I find inspiration by experimenting with my approach and gravitating toward materials with uncontrollable natures. I seek them out because I want to learn to work with them rather than fight against them and find the forms held within; I use methods such as twisting wire and yarn, hand dyeing with natural dyes, and other experimental processes to sculpt fibers and fabrics into branching forms. I use abstraction to embody the often overwhelming and complex natures of thoughts and emotions and show the messiness, darkness, and humor inherent in them. By combining elements of expressionism, abstraction, and surrealism, I aim to express the internal thorough representations of the external, find the beauty in the ugly, and distort the mundane to bring out its inherent strangeness. I ground these more abstract and conceptual elements with reminders of physicality and humanity to represent the connection between the physical and mental. My goal is to invite the viewer into a place of discomfort that encourages reflection on their physicality and the emotional processes of their conscious mind.